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Protaras-Paralimni is situated on the southeastern fringe of Cyprus and has the blessing of the first sunrise in Europe. Paralimni, the main town, combines the advantages of a traditional village with the conveniences of a contemporary town and there is an air of timelessness in the Town Center. Protaras, the tourist area, extends along the eastern coast of Paralimni and stretches for 10km from the district of ‘Kapparis’ to the location of ‘Konnos’. Hundreds of windmills grant its landscape a quaint, tranquil beauty. Fantastic beaches with crystal clear waters are found along this coast, most of them accredited with the prestigious Blue Flag status. Fig Tree Bay is the most precious gem on this coastal tiara and is named after the solidary fig tree that has been planted here by eastern invaders in the 17th century. On the headland of the bay one can see the recently revealed, glass-covered Hellenistic tombs. The selection of watersports abounds at these beaches, ranging from skiing and paragliding to snorkeling and scuba diving and the boats wait on the piers to take you for unforgettable trips. The lengthy seaside promenade is perfect for a sunset stroll or a leisurely bicycle ride offering at the same time the visitor the opportunity to explore further the area. Visit the harbors of Agia Triada and the picturesque Agios Nicolaos. Take a nature trail or one of the cycling paths and enjoy seamless views of the sea. Along them you’ll discover rare species of flora and fauna and little chapels will greet you betraying the orthodox faith of the place like Agioi Saranta which is set in a mountain cave and Agios Ioannis a little chapel hidden in a valley. The ascend of the 153-steps uphill leading to the chapel of Profitis Elias will definitely reward you with breathtaking views of Protaras. Hotels, self-catering apartments, a wide range of restaurants, taverns, pubs and clubs are here to cater for the needs of even the most demanding tourist. Therefore, whether you choose to simply soak up the sun, explore the underwater world or wonder in the quaint streets of Paralimni while shopping; visit the byzantine church of Ayia Anna and theTraditional House or enjoy yourself in a club, once you are in Protaras-Paralimni a world of choices awaits you!

Fig Tree Bay

Fig-tree bay is the most precious gem on Protaras’ coastal tiara. Its crystal clear waters and fine- grained, golden sand have made the beach very popular and it features today on Trip Advisor among the best beaches of Europe. It has been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag for its outstanding water quality and public facilities and it is a Green Beach under the eco-initiative “Greening Cyprus Beaches”. The bay is named after the solitary fig tree which is planted by the headland of the beach and has patrolled the bay ever since its arrival with eastern invaders in the 17th century. The islet at its north makes it even more picturesque while assisting to keep the seas calm. At the same time it is easily reachable for exploration by adventurous swimmers. The bay has excellent facilities, with sun beds and parasols available for hire, a wide selection of water sports such as waterskiing and paragliding. It provides disabled access and is serviced by a lifeguard.

Agios Georgios Ch.
Paralimni Patron Saint

The town square of Paralimni is dominated by the metropolitan, three-aisled church, dedicated to St George; the patent saint of the town. The church was built in 1963-1966 in a traditional Byzantine style and is full of contemporary frescoes. The impressive fresco which decorates the dome depicts the “All Powerful” surrounded by the Archangels, the Prophets and saints.

Agios Georgios
Old Hotholic Church

The gothic church of St. George is located next to the metropolitan church in the main square of Paralimni. According to a marble inscription, it was erected in 1859 in the place of an older byzantine church, parts of which have been incorporated in this one. Part of its north wall is covered with a large fresco depicting St. George killing the dragon.

Agios Nicolaos Fishing Shelter

The small scenic harbor of Agios Nicolaos is located in the resort of Pernera and is overlooked by the chapel of Agios Nicolaos which adds an island colour to the place. The visitor can rest and enjoy a coffee while enjoying fine views of the sea and the harbor and watching the boats which come and go. At sunset the whole scenery is even more breathtaking.

Agios Nicolaos Chapel

In an attempt to honor their protector Saint, everyone involved in marine professions in Paralimni, decided to build a chapel dedicated to him. The place was found next to the sea overlooking the harbor where they tie their boats. Small in size, whitewashed with blue painted dome, the chapel of Agios Nicolaos, reminds one of the chapels found on Aegean islands.

Nissiotis Pier

Νissiotis pier is found along the coastal path of Protaras. Boats are moored here waiting to take tourists on exciting trips. The pier itself offers at the same time excellent opportunities for amazing photos. Wake up early and head to meet the first European sunrise over the calm shimmering seas at the pier.

Profitis Elias Chapel

The Byzantine type church of Prophet Elias was built in 1984, in the place of an older chapel. Set on a 100m high granite hill and found in a short distance from the heart of Protaras, it certainly cannot be missed. It was built using stones of the area and it is in perfect harmony with its natural surroundings. The chapel is especially awe-inspiring in the evenings when it is floodlit.

Profitis Elias Night
& Day View Panorama

The ascending of the 153 steep steps to the chapel of Prophet Elias rewards the visitor with stunning views of the area. At its foothill all around there is the multicolored, cosmopolitan Protaras. In the east, as far as the eyes can see, unfolds the immense deep blue sea. Looking north there is Famagusta, Pentadaktylos and on a clear sky the visitor even sees the Karpasia Peninsula; all in the occupied part of Cyprus..!

Agioi Saranta Chapel

Taking the loose surface road to the area of Agioi Saranta or one of the nature trails the visitor comes across the picturesque chapel of Agioi Saranta. Its existence is betrayed by the stone-built canopy on the wild rocks. The chapel is set in an intact cave. The forty stalactites of the cave are what encouraged a devout christian to turn it into a place of pilgrimage. The visitor apart from the pilgrimage will enjoy the wonderful scenery that surrounds the chapel.

Agia Anna Church

The byzantine, 13th century chapel in the center of Paralimni, built using local limestone is dedicated to Mother Mary but it is referred to as ‘Agia Anna’, name that was given to it when it was restored. The original chapel was decorated with frescoes. These frescoes have been destroyed and only some remnants betray their previous existence. The chapel now serves as ecclesiastical museum where icons of the 16th and 19th centuries, holy relics and old books are exhibited.

Kapparis Beach

Kapparis beach is found north of Protaras, in the homonymous district of Kapparis. It is also known as the beach of M.M.A.D., named after the training center of the Police Rapid Response Unit (MMAD) which is nearby. It is a small, fine golden sandy beach with clear waters and is very popular with locals and tourists happy to give the hectic beaches a miss. The beach has got the Blue Flag accreditation; there are sun loungers and parasols available for hire and is patrolled by a lifeguard.

The Lake of Paralimni

Paralimni is situated next to a seasonal lake which forms west of the community, between Paralimni and Sotira. This is actually a natural hollow which collects rainwater from all parts of Paralimni and the neighbouring hills during the winter season. The lake has been part of the NATURA 2000 network since 2009 as it forms the natural habitat of an abundant and important population of the protected grass snake Natrix Natrix Cypriaca and as a large number of migrating and nesting birds find shelter here.


The windmills made their first appearance in Paralimni in the beginning of the twentieth century and were used by farmers to pump water up for the irrigation of their fields. Soon they multiplied in number and as a result Protaras, its most productive area, is often referred to as the land of windmills. The windmills were later on replaced by mechanical pumps. Today, the large number of windmills testifies the productivity of the past while affording a quaint, nostalgic beauty to the landscape of the area.

Traditional Tavern

Your stay in Protaras-Paralimni will be incomplete without a visit to a traditional tavern. In the taverns of Protaras and the main town of Paralimni you will enjoy authentic,traditional Cypriot cooking. The local cuisine is rich and has a huge diversity of dishes. Most of the chefs use locally grown ingredients, a multitude of herbs and vegetables and recipes that have passed on from generation to generation; adding always their own touch. “Meze”, the national speciality, is in essence a culinary cross section, consisting from a variety of dishes. It starts with dips and salads followed by grills, side dishes and desserts. Koupepia are vine leaves stuffed with minced meat and rice and Tava is tasty stew of meat, herbs and onions. Enjoy your meals while sampling an excellent selection of local wines. So “Kopiaste” and take time over a meal……relax and discover the Taste of the place!

Coastal Promenade

The seaside promenade extends for more than 4 kilometers, joining the area of Pernera with Fig Tree Bay as well as Ayios Nicolaos Harbor with Louma Beach. It allows the visitor to explore further the area and at the same time come across a wealth of attractive beaches. This lengthy promenade is perfect for a sunset stroll or jogging while enjoying stunning views across the Mediterranean. All along the coastal promenade there are platforms that extend from the main path towards the sea. Some of these resting points seem as if they hang over the sea. These stops are also signified by benches and people make here stops to rest, enjoy the view, the sunset or sunrise or read a book!

Protaras Nightlife

When the sun sets down, Protaras offers a varied and vibrant nightlife. Besides the in-house entertainment provided by the large hotels in the resort there are plenty of restaurants, pubs, disco/bars and clubs that contribute to the fun-loving atmosphere of Protaras. Many establishments offer live entertainment and Karaoke and the discos feature famous DJ’s.

Ocean Aquarium Protaras

Protaras Ocean Aquarium, home of 1,000+ species, such as piranhas, stingrays, turtles, crocodiles, penguins and many more. Relax, unwind and delve into the depths of the exciting and diverse underwater world or take a walk in our beautiful 12,500m2 tropical gardens.

Archangelos Gabriel Church

At the foothill of Phanos; which is the highest hill of Paralimni; among green orchards, the visitor can find the chapel of Archangelos Gavriel. In 1965 during the building of the chapel a cross sculptured on stone was found in the area proof that in the past there was a church in this place. This cross was incorporated in this new chapel. In 1998 the chapel was restored and its walls were decorated with frescoes.

Panagia Panayiotissa Church

The chapel of Panagia or Panagiotissa, as it is referred to by the locals, forms an important part of the tradition and the history of Paralimni. It has its roots back to the times when the town was made up of a number of small settlements. The last inhabitants of the settlement of Panagiotissa were forced to leave their homes during the Ottoman Empire. The chapel of Panagia was built in the beginning of the 20th century, on the remnants of the old church which existed here.

Agios Ioannis Chapel

The nature trail of Profitis Elias to Konnos and the loose surface road of Agioi Saranta can both take you to the little, humble chapel of Agios Ioannis. The chapel was built in the beginning of the 20th century using mud, mud bricks and stones and it is nestled in a valley. The original chapel was actually a small rectangular room. The building deteriorated over the years and a new chapel was built in its place. Simple, as the first one, a place of pilgrimage dedicated to St. John the Hermit.

The Tradiional Cypriot House

Τhe Traditional Cypriot House is located in the old center of Paralimni. It was built in the 19th century and has been carefully renovated to maintain its distinctive character. Its traditional arches together with the local flowers planted in its foreyard make the house particularly beautiful. Household utensils and farming tools used by a typical rural family of the region are in display in the three rooms of the house as well as in the courtyard. The House apart from serving as museum is at the disposal of couples wishing to have a traditional backdrop to their wedding.

Agios Panteleimonas Chapel

The chapel of Agios Panteleimonas was built on top of two previous chapels that were destroyed. The present chapel is stone built and has a wooden roof. Inside there are some particularly beautiful, contemporary frescoes. Οne depicts Mother Mary surrounded by other female Saints.

Agia Triada Chapel
& Fishing Shelter

Τhe Traditional Cypriot House is located in the old center of Paralimni. It was built in the 19th century and has been carefully renovated to maintain its distinctive character. Its traditional arches together with the local flowers planted in its foreyard make the house particularly beautiful. Household utensils and farming tools used by a typical rural family of the region are in display in the three rooms of the house as well as in the courtyard. The House apart from serving as museum is at the disposal of couples wishing to have a traditional backdrop to their wedding.