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Achna Village

Achna Village

Achna Forest (Dasaki Achnas) is a continuation of the occupied village of Achna which was created after the Turkish invasion of 1974. Presently the population is about 2,500.

Memorial Panagia
Trachias Church

This monument is dedicated to the refugees and missing persons. The monument symbolizes the first church that was erected which was a tent, and to all the missing persons from the 1974 invasion of Cyprus.

Agios Georgios Church

This is a ancient church which is part of the Heritage monuments.

Achna Dam

Is a unique natural living habitat which is visited by various migrating birds. It was completed in 1988 with a capacity to hold 6,000,000m3 of water with a depth of 6m. The water is used mainly for agricultural purposes.

Animal Park

This park is near thw Achna Dam. There is a small animal zoo, playground, cafeteria and restaurant. There are also donkey rides around the dam.


Achna Speedway is the first car and bike track in Cyprus since 2011. The track is 2.2 km and it consists of numerous turns. It is suitable for Dragster, Drift, Go Karts, Motorbikes, Go Karts and Stunt Bikes. Achna Speedway has many facilities to offer both the driver and spectator.