Cyprus is your gateway to the magical wonders of the undersea world and the warm blue Mediterranean sea. It is perfect for diving all year round due to its mild winters, water temperature never drops below 16C. Cyprus is an ideal place for training due to lack of undersea currents and close proximity to all dive sites. In Cyprus divers of different abilities and experience are handled and treated individually to ensure that everyone gets the full benefit from their dive experience. Even children as young as eight years old can come and join a special program were they will experience all the wonders of diving with their own individual diving instructor.

Green Bay

If you are staying in Ayia Napa or Protaras resorts, as a novice diver you will be taken to the picturesque “Green Bay” inlet, where you will dive in an area that is covered with encrusted old pottery that is fused into the rocks, feed the huge array of fish that wait to welcome the divers, and get photographs to show friends and family your unique dive to the exciting spectacle of the ancient looking Greek statues which will make your dive experience and adventure one to remember.

Cyclop's and Canyon Caves

Cape Greko has a numerous number of picturesque dive sites with an easy access from the shore. Underwater landscape, Neptune grass, Damsel Fish, Sea bream, Groupers, Octopus, Turtles, Mediterranean Moray Eel and elegant Barracudas await you at the dive sites of “Cyclop’s cave” and “Canyon”. Depth varies from 7m to 40m and are suitable for certified divers and for training dives.

The Caves

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver- you will find plenty of dives to interest you around famous Cape Greko, which is located between Ayia Napa and Protaras. All dive sites are within 10 minute driving distance from your hotel. The most interesting dive site in Ayia Napa is “The Caves” , with its maximum depth of 12 meters, it caters to divers of all levels. Underwater tunnels and swim throughs are inhabited by Grouper Fish, Cardinal Fish and Octopus. At the end of the dive your guide will lead you to the surface through a natural blow hole, this exit you will never experience anywhere else and it will turn your dive into an unforgettable experience.

The Liberty Wreck

There have been more two new wrecks put in Protaras specifically for divers to explore such as Nemesis, and Liberty. Both wrecks are located at depth of 25-27 meters and slowly turn into artificial reefs attracting shoals of Tuna Fish, Moray Eels, Sting Rays and Octopus. The Liberty Wreck was a purpose sunk wreck that went down in 2009 in Protaras, Cyprus. She now sits in 27 metres of water off the Golden Coast Marina, Each year, we see more fish life on this little wreck with Turtles, Rays, Nudibranches and Triggerfish regularly seen among schools of Jacks and Octopus. A two meter stainless steel cross placed there by a famous Russian explorer Fedor Konykhov is making the Liberty Wreck a great little dive for training and photography.


“Chapel” is another favorite dive site of many locals and tourists. After the dive you can do a free jump in the water from a rock to get your adrenalin going! Be prepared to see lots of broken pottery, Grouper, Damsel Fish, Sea Bream and Octopus.

The Nemesis III Wreck

The Nemesis III is the newest wreck in Protaras. Sank in 2013, she sits in 24metres of water, close to the Liberty Wreck. This means she will also be enclosed in the marine conservation area. There is the opportunity for some easy penetration on this new wreck.

Zenovia Wreck

For more experienced divers we have the exciting “ZENOBIA” wreck dive. The Zenobia Wreck in Cyprus is consistently voted within the top ten of wrecks in the world to dive. Chosen for Divers by Divers, she is affectionately known as “The Zen”. Sitting in 42 metres of seawater, just 1,500 metres from the Larnaca Coastline, Zenobia's place in the diveable wrecks Hall of Fame has been sealed. Although it is located in Larnaka, all dive centers both in Ayia Napa and Protaras arrange transfers to see the beautiful wreck. There are exciting penetration dives both for recreational and technical divers through the lorry decks, accommodation, restaurant and bridge and the 2nd lorry deck were you can see a Blue Russian car! There are a number of boats you can take and bring your family, for those that don’t dive they can enjoy the sundeck, after your 2 enjoyable dives you can relax and enjoy refreshing drinks and a BBQ onboard.



If you stay in Protaras and/or Ayia Napa for one week to ten days, then why not become a certified diver, training will take from two to four days, and by the end of your trip you will receive and internationally recognized diving certification. Your training can be conveniently scheduled in between your other tours and excursions. Come and enjoy the incredible underwater world of the warm clear blue waters of the Mediterranean, enjoy the hospitality of the Cypriot lifestyle. It is our priority to make your holiday for you, your family and friends a memorable and exciting fun filled experience that you will remember for many years. Come Diving and take away an experience and memories you will never forget.
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