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Cyprus beaches ayia napa limanaki beach
             Limanaki Beach cyprus map
The golden sand of Limanaki beach gently slopes in to the sea- you have to wade in a fair bit just to get knee deep, making it perfect for children and safe. There are large luxurious hotels along this coastline, with open air restaurants and snack bars. It is the most accessible from the centre of town. People of all ages come here to enjoy themselves. Enjoy the sun and the sea in a refreshing and laid back way.

Cyprus beaches ayia napa nissi beach
           Nissi Beach cyprus map
Nissi beach is probably the most popular beach in the whole of Cyprus. It consists of 2 connecting beaches one large one (very busy) and a smaller one (more secluded). Nissi beach is famed for its beautiful golden sand and clean crystal clear waters. Enjoy your drinks in one of the sand bars there..

Cyprus beaches ayia napa makronissos beach            Makronissos Beach cyprus map
Makronissos Beach, which has a water park nearby, is a long golden sand coastline flanked by two bays- an ideal atmosphere for relaxation. Children enjoy this beach especially due to its shallow waters which reach far in to the sea. It is easily accessible via Nissi Avenue including a bus stop.
Cyprus beaches ayia napa konnos beach
              Konnos Beach cyprus map
Located to the East of Agia Napa Konnos bay stands out from within the Cape Greco national Park. Found in between Protaras and Agia Napa the beach is prominent for its white sands and crystal water. Flanked by rocky hills full of pine trees the road to the beach offers excellent opportunities for amazing photographs. Access is also via the Grecian Park Hotel above. Special plastic sun beds tailor-made for this beach and which can be used on water, are available for rent. Many yachters drop anchor here to relax for hours.
Cyprus beaches ayia napa done beach
         Dome Beach cyprus map
Laying on the western tip of Ayia Napa it is popular for families with children. In the winter months various types of surfers come here when conditions are right.
Cyprus beaches ayia napa grecian gliki nero beach              Grecian - Glyki Nero Beach cyprus map
Grecian bay is the main beach in Agia Napa and the closest to its centre. Known by several names including Glyki Nero (the official name which translated means ‘sweet water’) it is a long coastal line consisting of lovely fine white sand. It stretches west from the Ayia Napa sea caves to the harbor. Like some other beaches in Cyprus the clear waters run shallow far in to the sea- always exciting and fun for children! It has many luxury hotels lined up on it. Open air snack bars and other facilities for food and drink are waiting there to quench your thirst or fill your appetite after a relaxing swim.
Cyprus beaches ayia napa kermia beach
           Kermia Beach cyprus map
Kermia is a humble sized bay (also called Limnara beach) also found in Cape Greco national park. You can go there via the road or walk there on the coastal path from Ayia Napa (a few kilometers away) to Cape Greco. You will also see rock pools found at the edges of the bay.
Cyprus beaches ayia napa katsarka beach
          Katsarka Beach cyprus map
Situated about 1,500 feet from Ayia Napa fishing harbor, Katsarka Beach is rocky with fine gravel spread throughout. These rocks continue from the land in to the sea. Access to here is easy.
Cyprus beaches ayia napa ammos tou kampouri beach
          Ammos tou Kampouri Beach cyprus map
Ammos Tou Kampouri beach is a tiny beach and a peaceful place to swim with golden sands to lie down on.
Cyprus beaches ayia napa latchi adams beach
        Latchi Adams Beach cyprus map
Latchi beach is a small and quiet cove with golden sands which are a common trait with the beaches in Ayia Napa.
Cyprus beaches ayia napa landa beach
          Landa Beach cyprus map
Landa Beach is a long sandy beach in between Nissi and Macronissos beaches. It is sometimes referred to as Golden beach or Lanta beach by locals.The beach is well protected and quite deep so there is plenty of room but no natural shade. Sand dunes bank up the slope to the east and rock pools are found on both sides of the beach (Landa translates roughly as 'water pool').
 Cyprus beaches ayia napa makronisos 1 beach
       Makronisos 1 Beach cyprus map
Makronisos 1 beach is highly favoured for beach parties so sometimes the beach can be busy and noisy.
Cyprus beaches ayia napa sandy bay beach
         Sandy Bay Beach cyprus map
Sandy Bay has fine white sands and gently shelving waters. It is popular with families and is more low key and quieter than its busy neighbour.
There are watersports available including motorboats, jetskis and parasailing and the rocky headlands on either side of the bay attract snorkelling enthusiasts and divers. A handful of beachside restaurants offer a good choice of dining options as well as snacks and drinks.
Cyprus beaches ayia napa pernera beach            Pernera Beach Agia Napa cyprus map
Pernera Beach is located at the opposite end from the harbour towards the edge of Sandy Bay Beach. It shelves gently into crystal clear seas making it very popular with families.