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The delicious Cypriot cuisine lies at the heart of our culture. The Cypriot ‘meze’ is a banquet fit for a king with about twenty different traditional dishes being served as standard. Since long ago locals when they sit down for drinks, order these ‘mezedes’ and are a good way to become familiarized with the local dishes. Meze is often the dish of choice for the Cypriot locals, ordering them for feasts, celebrations, anniversaries and other joyous occasions. The meze starts light with salads, dips, olives and fresh bread. Then you start to work your way up! You then continue, depending on the restaurant, with; snails, octopus in red wine, pickled capers, greens. Then you move on to grilled halloumi (Greek cheese made from sheep and goat’s milk), smoked pork, fish, keftedes (meatballs), sheftalia and Greek traditional sausages. Then come the kebabs, chicken and lamb chops. Many places include giant beans and Cypriot rice too. The halloumi mentioned above is delicious uncooked as well and is the perfect complement if you are having watermelon.  



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Cyprus cuisine local dishes ofto kleftiko souvla
Cyprus cuisine local dishes tavvas koupes makaronia

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